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TTI AssessmentsWe offer a wide range of online, research-based assessments and comprehensive reports designed to help individuals and teams gain personal insight they need to improve communication and job performance. When used together as assessment suites, the instruments can provide a much clearer picture of an individual, a team, or a job position. The bottom line is a more effective work environment that adapts itself to the demands of staying compeitive in today's global econonmy.

Our assessments and inventories are the most valid and reliable instruments available on the market today and are fully EEOC and OFCCP compliant.

Our assessment tools measure the dimensions of superior performance and organizational effectiveness:

Behaviors (DISC) 

DISC reveals performance-related behavior and communication styles. Available in customized versions, such as sales, management, executive and customer service. More info...

Motivators and Engagement The Motivators and Engagement Assessment provides insight into values and motivational drivers. We recommend using this assessment in combination with DISC. More info...
Combo: Workplace Behaviors and Motivators This Assessment Suite combines DISC with Motivators for a dynamic learning opportunity that uncovers the "how" and "why" of performance. More info...

EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

EQ offers insights into emotional intelligence and how to increase it.

More info... 

Combo: TriMetrixEQ


This Assessment Suite combines DISC, Motivators and EQ into one powerful assessment report.
Team Development

Team Assessments offer insights into how to work together more effectively.

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Talent and Leadership Development

For talent and leadership development, we offer a Talents and Skills Inventory as well as a Leadership Competency assessment. More info...

TriMetrixACI (for state-of-the-art Job Benchmarking) This powerful Assessment Suite combines DISC, Motivators, Competencies and Acumen into an assessment that is often used for job benchmarking and hiring.

Executive Development

Our Assessment Reports can be used in executive development programs.

360s Our 360 Assessments can be cusomized for all situations.

Organizational Development 

Our OD/OE Assessments are valuable for change management and culture change initiatives. 

ODsurvey Plus® The ODsurvey Plus is fully customizable for your needs.
TTI Task Quotient™ (TQ) Task Quotient identifies the types of tasks that match our preference for and approach to tasks.


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Our Workshops

We offer several assessment-based workshops designed to develop high performance teamwork, organizational effectiveness, and culture change in a team or organization. The workshops are customized according to your needs and delivered onsite at your convenience. Online delivery options are also available.

Workshops inlcude assessments for each participant as well as tools and manuals. We empower your team to integrate the learning into everyday work situations with new understanding and skills.



Most Popular Workshops:


DISC - Dynamic Communication Workshop™

This is a DISC-based workshop focused on the benefits of applying a behavioral communication style. The workshop shows participants how to communicate more effectively, create a more positive work environment, and take team relationships to the next level. The emphasis is on understanding one's own communication style in order to adapt and bridge to to other styles. This positively influences workplace communication and teamwork.


WORKPLACE MOTIVATORS - Your Attitude is Showing Workshop™

What motivates your team? Uncover the deep seated values and motivators that empower your team to understand themselves and each other better, and to improve performance. This workshop teaches participants to recognize the driving forces in their own and others' lives. This encourages them to better understand others' viewpoints and be able to dialogue more effectively by seeing the world through their eyes.

EQ - Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Increase decision-making effectiveness and create a culture of emotional intelligence in your team and organization. This workshop gives your team the tools needed to master emotional intelligence. It is possible for all employees to raise their EQs! Learning more about emmotional intelligence can help individuals and teas develop into a fleet of top perforwer who produce higher levels of profitability while creating an energized, healthier workplace.


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Assessment Certification Training


Ready to have your own HR/OD Departments, and/or coaches become certified and competent in analyzing and debriefing assessments for your team or organization? We offer comprehensive certification packages that include the tools, training and references for you to develop a strong resource for assesments within your organization.


DISC and Workplace Motivators Certifications:


Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst

DISC Certification

We provide you with a kit that includes all the necessary resources to fully understand the theory and application of DISC. You will receive web-based video training modules, a training binder, a DISC Reference Manual, a debriefing guide, a practice exam and a web-based graded exam. Upon successful completion of your exam, you will become a Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst.

Certified Professional Values Analyst


Your certification kit will include all the necessary resources to become well versed in the theory and application of PIAV (the Workplace Motivators Assessment). Once you have studied the web-based video training module, your Motivators Insights Reference Manual and the debriefing guide, you will be eligible to take a practice exam. Then you can proceed to the web-based graded exam and upon completion, you will become a Certified Professional Values Analyst.

Certified Professional EQ Analyst




Prerequistes: You must be certified as a Professional Behaviors and Motivators Analyst before becoming certified in EQ. You will learn:

  • The five dimensions of EQ
  • The language of EQ and its biggest impacts
  • Application of emotional enablers and disablers
  • How to interpret and apply the Emotional Quotient assessment results
  • How to analyze the combination of Behaviors and Motivators with Emotional Intelligence

The EQ certification exam is open-book, scheduled at your convenience. Upon successful completion, you will become a Certified Professional EQ Analyst.

COMBO Certifications

For those who would like to become certified in both DISC Behaviors and Workplace Motivators, we offer a combo certification kit, with all the materials in one package.


For those who would like to become certified in all three assessments, you would need to complete the Behaviors and Motivators certifications first and then move on to the EQ certification.


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Personal Talent Skills Inventory (PTSI)® is a registered trademark of Target Training International, Ltd. The Universal Language DISC™, the Personal Interests Attitudes and Valudes (PIAV)™, ODsurveysPlus®, and T.E.A.M.S.™ survey are trademarks of Target Training International, Ltd and the content is a copyright of Target Training International, Ltd. TriMetrix® is a registered trademark of Target Training International Ltd. and Performance Benchmarking, Inc. Task Quotient™ is a trademark of Dr. Kevin Gazzara.





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