Innovate Your Talent Management System with Job Benchmarking


Job Benchmarking helps you secure the talent necessary for success while eliminating common biases often associated with the hiring process.


Silhouette of Subject Matter Experts

The Job Benchmarking Solution gives you the advantage of benchmarking a specific job, not the person in the job. We let the job "talk" through a unique interactive process with subject matter experts and a powerful job assessment tool.


Implementing this patented Job Benchmarking process directly impacts your bottom line.

You will:

  • Attract the best candidates.
  • Save time and money by hiring the right people the first time.
  • Decrease onboarding and development time.
  • Reduce turnover.


RESULT: New employees who are strategically matched to fit your organization.

Turn your Talent Management System into a profit center with Job Benchmarking!


Our Job Benchmarking Package


Job Benchmarking is a four-phase, seven-step process using the powerful TriMetrix® HD Assessment. When you invest in Job Benchmarking, you receive a complete set of tools to innovate and sustain your talent management:


  • Key Accountabilities for the Job


  • Job Assessment Tool


  • Recruiting Tools


  • Candidate Selection Tools


  • Talent Development Tools


Download a free SAMPLE REPORT of our Job Assessment Tool


CEO Collaborates with CPO to Win the War for Talent at NetSuite

by Using TriMetrix® Assessment


In a 2012 Fortune article, CEO Zach Nelson talks about how he revamped hiring for NetSuite. After seeing his sales team lose close to 25% of new hires within a year of hiring, Nelson collaborated with Chief People Officer, Marty Reaume, to make hiring a strategic issue for growth. Reaume started using the TriMetrix® Job Benchmarking Assessment Suite for hiring. As a result, their turnover rate has decreased to less than 2% and they are now able to focus more on employee training and succession planning.


About the TTI TriMetrix® HD Assessment:


TriMetrix HD brings the four sciences of behaviors, motivators, competencies and acumen together in a validated, bias-free and fully integrated assessment that meets EEOC and OFCCP requirements.


When used with our Job Benchmarking system, TriMetrix HD offers a complete picture of a position, allowing you to compare talent to the unique requirements of any job.


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"How CEO of NetSuite, Zack Nelson, chose TriMetrix to support the rapid growth of the company."

Full Article Available Here

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