Motivators and Engagement Assessmentucts

The Motivators and Engagement Assessment provides information about what drives your thinking, communication and actions. You'll understand more about how you perceive the world and gain insight into how you're perceived by others. This assessment is a great way to improve morale, increase productivity, create meaningful development plans and sharpen decision-making and conflict-resolution skills.

The assessment is available in these versions:


Personal Version Offers insight into the why behind your thinking, actions, and communication. The report will help you in your decision-making and your appreciation of others. Sample Report
Workplace Version Reveals important information to understand motivation and engagement factors in the context of work. Can create more effective interactions. Sample Report
Job Benchmarking Version Provides an overview of the motivators for a particular position and how it relates to the organizational culture. Helps identify the type of person who would be most successul in the position. Sample Report
Team Version Increases productivity and team cohesiveness through recognition, understanding and appreciation of the different areas of motivation. Sample Report


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The Personal Motivators and Engagement Assessment presents six basic world views that drive motiavtion:

  • Theoretical - Seeks knowledge and information.
  • Utilitarian - Seeks to maximize time and resouces.
  • Aesthetic - Seeks balance, harmony and personal development.
  • Social - Seeks to help people and causes.
  • Individualistic - Seeks to obtain authority and power.
  • Traditional - Seeks a system of living.

A Team Motivators Report can be compliled from individual assessment reports.


Example of TEAM MOTIVATORS WHEEL that is included in the Team Motivators Report:





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