Talent and Leadership Development

Personal Talent Skills Inventory®

The Personal Talent Skills Inventory (PTSI) is based on the science of Axiology from the originial work of Dr. Robert S. Hartman and describes what an individual “can do” in 23 capacities, or capabilities, related to the business environment. The PTSI assessment is designed to capture how people see themselves and the world around them, how they think and how they get results. To do this, it measures a person from two perspectives, external and internal, and in six dimensions, three in each perspective.

External Perspective:

  • Empathetic Outlook ⇒ Judgment of people
  • Practical Thinking ⇒ Judgment of tasks
  • Systems Judgment ⇒ Judgment of systems                                       

Internal Perspective:

  • Sense of Self ⇒ Judgment of being
  • Role Awareness ⇒ Judgment of doing
  • Self Direction ⇒ Judgment of becoming

Note: Development plans are available for talents and skills.

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TTI DNA® Talent Report

Your success in any job depends on the value of your contribution to the organization. The ultimate responsibility for your career development is yours. This report is designed to assist you in managing and developing your career. For jobs today, personal skills are as important as technical skills in producing superior performance and those skills are transferable to different jobs. This report indicates your mastery of 23 personal skills that contribute to optimal performance in your job.

Those skills are:

  • Conflict Management                                  
  • Continuous Learning
  • Customer Service
  • Decision Making
  • Employee Development / Coaching
  • Diplomacy
  • Empathy
  • Flexibility
  • Goal Orientation
  • Persuasion
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership
  • Planning & Organization
  • Analytical Problem Solving
  • Self Management
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Futuristic Thinking
  • Management
  • Presenting
  • Written Communication
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Negotiation

In-depth, on-line development reports and plans are available for all skills.

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Assessment Suite for Talent and Leadership Development

TTI TriMetrix®

The TriMetrix Assessment is a powerful combination of DISC, Motivators, Acumen and Talents/Skills. It is a comprehensive portrait of an individual's value to the organization as well as a catalyst for growth and development. This assessment can also be used in job benchmarking.

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For an extra dimension, add a Task Quotient™ Assessment


The TQ Assessment defines an individual's mixture of task types including:

  1. Routine
  2. Trouble-shooting
  3. Project

This mixture reveals the preferred environment for the highest level of job satisfaction and motivation.


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