TriMetrix® Talent Management Assessments

TriMetrix® Assessments help you create excellence in your Talent Management Program.


Like every other system in your organization, your talent management needs to be based on high quality information that drives high quality decision-making, planning and results. Think Six Sigma for talent management. It deserves that kind of scrutiny, quality and low-error accountability. It's that important to the success of your business.


Our unique job benchmarking process will upgrade your Talent Management system to reduce hiring errors, decrease costs, and increase your capacity for growth and bottom line success.


Check out our state-of-the-art TrMetrix® Talent Management assessments:



Job Benchmarking Assessment


This assessment along with our unique process of determining key accountabilities of the job, give you a comprehensive profile of the position and its requirements.

Job Report Sample

Talent Assessment

This assessment creates a comprehensive profile of the promotion or job candidate so you can acertain his/her probability of success in the position.

Candidate Report Sample

Talent-Job Gap Report


The job and talent assessments are compiled to generate a view the level of match/gap between the job and the candidate.

GAP Report Sample

Candidate Comparison Report

The top 5 candidates are compared against the requirements of the job. This helps you make an informed decision and can also support a customized onboarding process for the new hire.

Candidate Comparison Report Sample



The team at AssessmentsForYou works with you to create a high quality talent management system with ongoing access to our fully validated, bias-free TriMetrix® assessments and reports. These EEOC-compliant, researched-based assessment tools to make it easy for you to see the gaps between the requirements of the job and the skills of your candidates. We also provide a candidate comparison report that will help you navigate through the final rounds of interviews and selection. The gap report becomes a valuable roadmap that you can use in your development plan for the new hire.


In addition to providing you with your own online account for assessments and reports, we also help you design more accurate job descriptions and pre-qualifier interview questions to improve the success rate of the screening process. We also offer customized training for your staff in the areas of interviewing skills, assessment certification, as well as follow-up coaching programs for new hires, high potentials, or new promotions.



CEO Collaborates with CPO in Using TriMetrix® Hiring Assessments to Win the War for Talent at NetSuite


In a 2012 Fortune article, CEO Zach Nelson talks about how he revamped hiring for NetSuite. After seeing his sales tema lose close to 25% of new hires within a year of hiring, Nelson collaborated with Chief People Officer Marty Reaume to make hiring a strategic issue for growth. Reaume started using the TriMetrix Job Benchmarking Assessment Suite for hiring. As a result, their turnover rate has decreased to less than 2% and they are now able to focus more on employee training and talent management.


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"How CEO of NetSuite, Zack Nelson, chose TriMetrix to support the rapid growth of the company."

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