EQ Assessment (Emotional Intelligence)

Are you leveraging your EQ in your leadership?


Research has shown that leaders with the highest Emotional Quotient (EQ scores) are also the leaders with the highest success rates. Higher EQ is positively correlated with increased engagement, lower turnover, and improved performance, all of which result in higher business profits.


In addition to the regular EQ assessment, we also offer two combination suites for more comprehensive leadership profiles:


Emotional Quotient Report provides a customized guide to both the intrapersonal and the interpersonal dimensions of emotional intelligence. Sample Report

Behavioral Intelligence

(Two-in-One Suite)

This assessment suite combines the EQ assessment with the DISC Behavioral assessment.

Sample Report

Tri-Metrix EQ

(Three-in-One Suite)


Our most comprehensive EQ assessment suite combines the EQ assessment with both the DISC Behavioral assessment and the Motivators and Engagement assessment. Three versions are available:

Executive Report Sample

Management-Staff Report Sample

Sales Report Sample



Cover of TIME Magazine with headline: What's Your EQ?Find out what your Emotional Quotient scores are and how improving them will help you become a more effective leader. The competencies of emotional intelligence have become the cutting edge for leadership development.


"The Emotional Quotient assessment that I recently took provided me with great insight into how I respond and react to people and situations. This insight will help my performance and improve my personal interactions at work and at home."

                                                                         -Kim, DOD Senior Executive


Join the ranks of the best leaders by making a commitment to learn more about EQ principles and skills. OUr powerful EQ assessment can kick-start your campaign. Based on the research of Daniel Goleman and other pioneers in Emotional Intelligence, the EQ assessment shows your current skill level across five major competency areas. Receiving your report along with a debrief session is the quickest way to begin closing any gaps with concrete strategies that can be practiced on the job as you approach your normal schedule of meetings and interactions.


Learn to stand out as a key influencer and decision-maker.


Our EQ Assesment and Debrief Package will help you make better decisions; make better use of your knowledge, skills and abilities; and enhance your competencies as a leader.


To get started, email or call 540.635.4843


Once you're signed up, we'll email you a link. The assessment is a simple online process that can be completed within 15-20 minutes. Your debrief with one of our certified analysts will be scheduled at your convenience. You'll also receive a comprehensive report that can be used as an ongoing reference. We can also administer the assessment across an entire team, department, or organization.


"EQ may be essential to differentiating world-class organizations in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace."

                                          -The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence, Freedman, 2010









"How CEO of NetSuite, Zack Nelson, chose TriMetrix to support the rapid growth of the company."

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