360 Assessments

About 360 Feedback Assessments

360 assessments give the gift of self-awareness through feedback. The feedback comes from those around us and can include peers, reports, senior executives or board members. It involves ratings in such areas such as leadership competencies, communication skills, management style, productivity, and relevant technical skills. A 360 assessment is a rare opportunity to see how we're perceived by others and decide what changes might improve communication and overall effectiveness. The best 360 assessments are customized for each particular situation.

Our 360 Process

We structure the 360 process to include positive and "opportunity" feeedback. We will work with you to select and customize the best possible 360 tool to be a powerful catalyst for chairs in circlechange and maximize impact on goals. The first step is a needs analysis so we can focus in on what's important for you, your team and you organization.

Our 360s are designed to be developmental and are offered in the context of a coaching program, where the results of the assessment are professionally debriefed and followed up with goal-setting, development plans, and coaching to drive the practical application of the information. We understand the sensitive nature of the 360 feedback and are committed to setting up the process to be confidential, anonymous, and very supportive of the individual being assesed.




What does it take to get powerful results from a 360 assessment? It starts with the preparation. The set up is a collaborative effort that brings together goals, expectations, and customization. As the process moves from raters to the individual, full commitment and accountability will become the primary focus. This sets the stage for results that almost always exceed expectations and contribute to greater success.


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